A Love of Life


“With arms outstretched

I thank.

With heart beating gratefully

I love.

With body in health

I jump for joy.

With spirit full

I live.


~Terri Guillemets


Gratitude, it grows when you show it.

Be thankful that you have a past,

be joyous in knowing you can enjoy the present

and let your spirit have hope that tomorrow may come.

Know that if you choose to go there you can find

a negative side to every kind word and good action.

Today, look for the sunshine, choose gratitude, be positive.

Kindness is to show a love of life, thankfully and joyously.

Kindness is the beginning of a life filled with love.


ME and the Boss







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3 responses to “A Love of Life

  • julespaige

    Enjoy your nap?
    I shop all year round for little things… garage sales, charity shops…

    I think the postage costs more than the value of what’s inside…
    I suppose it doesn’t help that I decorate the package with over a ten spot of different denominational ‘fancy stamps’ – I think my postal clerks get a kick out of all the different stamps too. Just imagine say um maybe a very large sweater box with just barely enough space in the center for the address and the rest of it covered with stamps ranging from .01 to .44 and pretty much everything in between 🙂

  • Sam Han

    I love this message! And I chose to see the positive 😀

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