Little Bits


“Do your

little bit of good

where you are;

it’s those

little bits of good

put together that

overwhelm the world.”


~ Desmond Tutu


Everyone needs goals,

hopes for the long term future,

aspirations for the short term here and now,

those things that we want to do,

milestones that we desire to achieve.

Remember, goals should be realistic and attainable.

Today, aspire to do your little bit, the step that

will find you closer to overwhelming the world

with kindness and love.

Kindness is to do your every little bit.

Kindness is the beginning of a life filled with love.


ME and the Boss







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One response to “Little Bits

  • julespaige

    …instead of whining about how someone else left grocery carts in the wrong places…take it in with you as you go shopping… add a smile and you’ve got a two for one kindness.

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