Bloom of Hope




“All it takes

is one bloom

of hope

to make a

spiritual garden.”


~ Terri Guillemets


Veggie, flower or weed, they all have a bloom

and in the grand plan of the Great Creator

they just need one insect of faith to have

the seeds of hope fertilized.

Just like Mother Natures garden

the human soul also needs to blossom to complete

the cycle of the God of your understanding.

Today, share the love and do your part to

keep things moving.

Kindness is a bloom of hope.

Kindness is the beginning of a life filled with love.


ME and the Boss






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4 responses to “Bloom of Hope

  • desertrose7

    What a coincidence. I was out all day in the garden today, fighting with all the WICKED vines.
    I truly do not like vines….and I did not feel very spiritual, until afterwards, when everything looked neat and in order again.
    Life is good…..but not with vines.

  • seeker

    This poem reminded me of “just one little candle… if everyone lits just one little candle what a bright world this would be.”

    Yes, one bloom will produce so many seeds of hope. I don’t cut the flowers in my garden and I let them go to seed. The seeds will produce more plants and spread the beautiful of the surrounding.

    Thank you.

  • nmartinez1938

    Not all weeds, many of which have the most vibrant blooms, should earn our disdain– tawa tawa, known in the Philippines. Pluck the weeds above the ground, no roots, and you have a fast acting natural cure for dengue fever. It’s very potent and should be used in moderation.

    Vines– lol! Even the sweet potatoes vines give me much work, but like weeds, we must often take some vines in good humor too. I get over the whining and deal with the vines. (needless to say– this is not medical advice, just something known locally)

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