“Blessings do not

equal extravagance,

but true heartfelt

and seen blessings

come in a form

of an abundance

that outweighs

the value of

all material worth.”


~ Kelly Young             ~ WOW ~


Happy to be alive.

Happy to be me.

Gratitude for the path that a loving Higher Power

has given me.

No regrets.

People, places and things have come and gone,

woven into the fabric of my life, they have made me

the person I am today.

Today, I enjoy the blessings in abundance.

Kindness is a blessing that outweighs all material worth.

Kindness is the beginning of a life filled with love.


ME and the Boss






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Jack of some trades, master of none. Happy to help when I can. Becoming a curmudgeon and learning to love it. View all posts by meandtheboss

2 responses to “Blessings

  • Sam Han

    It’s glorious to have the feeling “happy to be alive and happy to be me”. Life is tough but when you’re elated, its such a great feeling. Praise the Lord who help us get through each day feeling worthy and happy. So happy to learn you are enjoying blessings in abundance 🙂

  • awindowofwisdom

    Thank you so much once again! BTW that pic of the flower is my favorite flower… I love waking up every morning to see your posts on my phone and then re-read them at this late hour when I get online. Have a great week!

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