Barely Detectable



when we are

generous in

small, barely

detectable ways

it can change

someone else’s

life forever. “


~ Margaret Cho


Kindness is a generous effect.

Look up the list of  EFFECTS in Wiki and you will find

hundreds of effects that have names and I am sure

that in the Uni-verse of the Great Creator there are

many hundreds more just waiting to have your name

associated with that effect.

Today, please try to have the effect named after you

be a positive one, one that will make this world a better place.

Kindness is a life changing effect even when barely detectable.

Kindness is the beginning of a life filled with love.


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One response to “Barely Detectable

  • theshepherdspresence

    So true. Not done for the show or for return of good — just for Jesus — those little deeds, like sweeping up the grass clippings in the street. I am going to mow today, and I will sweep up the grass clippings even though the city never thanks me for cutting the easement for them. It is just the kind, right thing to do. I’ll think of this while I am sweeping. 🙂

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