“Real joy comes not

from ease or riches

or from the praise

of others,

but from doing

something worthwhile.


~ Wilfred Grenfell


Not because you have to

but because you want to.

Not because it is a responsibility

but because it is the next right thing to do.

Today, examine your life

and if the brain is leading the train

you might want to reconsider your aim,

but if the effort is from the heart

know that you have a good start

on being happy, joyous and free.

Kindness is doing something worthwhile.

Kindness is the beginning of a life filled with love.


ME and the Boss







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One response to “Worthwhile

  • theshepherdspresence

    Sometimes the doing of something that looks like a waste of time is actually very worthwhile in the end. Cleaned one closet today and sorted through legal papers in the lock box. If I die tonight, my daughter will be glad the legal papers are in order. And she won’t have to sort through the closet! I’m not sure she would deem it as worthwhile today though.

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