A Light From Within


“People are like

stained-glass windows.

They sparkle and shine

when the sun is out,

but when the darkness sets in,

their beauty is revealed

only if there is

a light from within.”


~ Elizabeth Kubler-Ross


I knew a man once;

not only did the light of kindness shine

through his smile and his twinkling eyes, but

you could swear there was a lantern shining

through his chest in the vicinity of his heart.

Today, do not seek out the darkness,

but should it arrive, allow the kindness within you

to reveal your true beauty.

Kindness is a light from within.

Kindness is the beginning of a life filled with love.


ME and the boss







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One response to “A Light From Within

  • theshepherdspresence

    Explaining something: I did not mean to unfollow you, I selected incorrectly. So, I had to refollow you. If you get a notice, that’s why. And, now I think my setting will allow e mail notices and I’ll read you everyday instead of hit and miss on the reader. Thanks for publishing daily. Enjoy the posts because they are encouraging, and short. I like simple!

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