“You must seek to feel

the love within you and

take ownership of it;

and then once you

become love,

those that are awakened

in their love

will come to you.”


~ Kelly Young          ~ WOW ~



Magnets…we attract NOT what is obvious,

NOT what our mind perceives as a perfect mate,

but that which our heart seeks.

Often, the mate we select is the mirror image

of the parent that we love or maybe feared or

possibly despised.   Strange isn’t it???

Today, love yourself, share the love

and try to reverse the polarization of your magnet

if you must.

Kindness is taking ownership of the love within you.

Kindness is the beginning of a life filled with love.


ME and the Boss






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Jack of some trades, master of none. Happy to help when I can. Becoming a curmudgeon and learning to love it. View all posts by meandtheboss

2 responses to “Ownership

  • nmartinez1938

    Imago Therapy, new in my generation, tells how the bad or good images from our past can lead us to choose the mate/love, of the bad parent. It’s a need to resolve unsettled issues from our youth. Your partner may be working from the same needs because your Imago image will be a step to do the same kind of completing unfinished issues from their childhood. This is called the Imago match– when you meet that Imago match goodbye to common sense.

  • awindowofwisdom

    Thank you so much once again! I have missed reading your blog for the past week as our internet wiring was eaten by a gecko… But I am catching up now and as always your page is great! Have a great weekend!

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