Takes Time



“Nobody sees

a flower


it is so small.

We haven’t time,

and to see

takes time

– like to have a friend takes time.”


~ Georgia O’Keeffe



Go fast, do a zillion things half -a..ed,

Go slow, do a few things well.

Today, be prepared to do the next right thing,

have your priorities  in place and make only

those promises that you can keep.

Remember, a loving family and a good friend are worth

more than hundred acquaintances.

Kindness is taking the time to see the choices.

Kindness is the beginning of a life filled with love.


ME and the Boss






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3 responses to “Takes Time

  • theshepherdspresence

    I have an iris bed right beside my back step. Yesterday my grandson (13) said, “Nana, I see your iris bed is blooming.” Now, he has been in and out of my house several times this past week. He noticed it only now? Wonder if he was just making conversation, or if he truly had not noticed them all week. They are not small!

    • meandtheboss2013

      The Boss, my wife, not God, is named Iris. In Spanish, which she is, the name means rainbow. The flower received its name because of the proliferation of colors that it comes in. Unfortunately, Florida is not too partial to the Iris flower bulb. Now I’ll have to go back into the photo archives to find some Iris pictures, not the copy of the Van Gough “Iris”, hanging in the breakfast nook. Thanks for the comment, give the child the benefit of the doubt, lead by example.
      Love, hugs and prayers…ME and the Boss

      • theshepherdspresence

        I do think Kholton was making conversation. He is “at that age” when they become aware of others and lead the way. I’ve seen that happen with his two older brothers. It is an excellent quality. I have only two colors in my bed but would like more. And yes, Iris are more northern grown, they like the cold winters. Rhubarb too. I know, rhubarab is not a flower. I stray. Greet the wife for me please.

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