A Real Magic

“There is

a real magic

in enthusiasm.

It spells

the difference

between mediocrity

and accomplishment.”


~ Norman Vincent Peale


Enthusiasm,  from the Greek

enthousiasmos, en-, in; + theos-, god;

to be inspired by a god,  or the god within us.

The magic is the uplifted feeling we receive when

we attempt to do the will of a loving Higher Power.

Today, be the magician, attempt to accomplish a random

act of kindness and understand that if it is done with enthusiasm

you will know success.

Kindness is a real magic when done with enthusiasm.

Kindness is the beginning of a life filled with magic.


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One response to “A Real Magic

  • theshepherdspresence

    I volunteer at a local nursing home. Today was my day to lead the Bible study group. It is not difficult to find something kind to do for them. Just a kind word, and remembering family member’s name means so much to them. I ride on public transportation even when I don’t have to and find someone whom I can encourage. I like your encouragement toward kindness. Thanks!

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