The Golden Chain



“Kindness is

the golden chain

by which society

is bound




~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Why gold, because the analogy links it to

one of the rarest of the Great Creators  minerals

and also one of the most valuable.

Iron chains evoke the idea of imprisonment, of servitude.

Brass chains conjures up the idea of some monkey business.

Silver chains are pretty but they tend to tarnish.

Today, think gold, know that we are all in this together,

so why not make the most of life.

Kindness is the golden chain that links us all together.

Kindness is the beginning of a life filled with love.


ME and the Boss







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3 responses to “The Golden Chain

  • awindowofwisdom

    Great post and very cool flower picture!

    • meandtheboss2013

      As an old , retired curmudgeon, my second pastime is to take pictures of the flowers, wildlife and scenery in my back yard. Florida is an idea location because something is blooming all year round.
      Thanks, and don’t forget Kelly Friday tomorrow.

  • theshepherdspresence

    Today in my Bible reading, King David is near the end of his life. I sat a few minutes to think about his lifetime and was struck as to how very kind he was. He pursued the enemy because the enemy was an enemy of God, but then then, he was kind to remnants and family members. He had an amazingly kind heart.

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