Be Aware



“When drinking tea,

it’s very pleasant

to be aware

that one is

drinking a cloud.”



~Thich Nhat Hanh



Are you aware of the last breath that you took ???

Are you aware of the look upon your face ???

How much of life do you take for granted without

taking the time to be aware of what is really happening.

Today, breathe deep, smile, laugh, be happy

and most importantly be aware of how

your good attitude makes the world

and everyone around you so much better .

Kindness begins with awareness.

Kindness is the beginning of a life filled with love.


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2 responses to “Be Aware

  • mixedupmeme

    It seems we are always aware of the sadness, the ugliness, the unfriendliness of the world.
    It shouldn’t take any more effort to recognize the happiness, beauty and kindness of it too.

    Thanks for the reminder. I am glad I read this early in this morning. Have a whole day to ware-ful. 🙂

  • awindowofwisdom

    Great Post! If we are not in a state of awareness, or mind is distracting us.

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