compassionate understanding


“If you consciously

come from a place

of love

when you are faced

with a difficult


you will not have

a situation,

you will have a

compassionate understanding.”


~ Kelly Young


The three sides to every situation;

their side, your side and the true side

which has been preordained by a Higher Power.

Today, get on the side of the Spirit of the Uni-verse,

examine every side of the possible consequences

of your actions and choose to do the next right thing,

seek the side of compassionate understanding.

Kindness is a compassionate understanding.

Kindness is the beginning of a life filled with love.


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One response to “compassionate understanding

  • nmartinez1938

    Compassionate understanding. I have a situation with a friend that affords me an opportunity to exercise such when we meet again. We are all but humane in need of sharing with those we love, and those we need to love.

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