Waste Not




“No act

of kindness,

no matter

how small,

is ever wasted. “





You do not or cannot measure your kindness.

The measurement of your kindness is in the heart

of the receiver and in the soul of a Higher Power

who is love.

Big deal, no big deal, just do the next right thing.

Today, smile, it may be the measure of love

that a lonely heart is seeking.

Kindnesses are never wasted.

Kindness is the beginning of a life filled with love.


ME and the Boss






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4 responses to “Waste Not

  • nmartinez1938

    A voice crying out encouragement in a perplexed world!

  • awindowofwisdom

    I love this post!!! really beautiful and something that is missing… You know after that school shooting Ann Curry started up a 26 acts of kindness which is really great, but what blew my mind was that people were posting the most normal simple acts of kindness for example..someone said” I smiled at a homeless person” and I was like really…. does kindness really need to be taught in school now? What is going on in our homes! kindness and love should be number one… I read so many and it was like people were wanting a gold metal for saying hello, or opening a door. Sorry to ramble but you post is exactly what should be in us and it is what is missing for some reason.

    • nmartinez1938

      I agree with the sentiment of your comment. There are a great many complex issues pressing on society today, one wouldn’t know where to start to make good sense. I remember quite well when women were pressing to being treated as equal to men. Opening and closing doors, offering your bus seat– simple things like that became an issue. Some where we lost the idea that those very simple things my have been expressions of kindness, even appreciation. Maybe we overlook the kindness in the simple things. Yes! Kindness must come from within. Something we grew up with. Expressed even if we are sharing our little with someone who has less.

  • Ellie

    There’s an old expression that states, “When you see someone who needs a smile, give them one of yours.” It seems lately I’m always trying to get grocery clerks to smile more. I know the economy is rough but I pray they find something in life they are passionate about because life’s too short not to smile more! Besides as a Christian, I know this life’s is only temporary so enjoy the little things and pass on the source of our ‘secret’ of true joy to others.

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